Dorie Wilsnack

A Personal Introduction

My name is Dorie Wilsnack. I reside in Vermont but my life experiences have taken me from California to New York, to the Balkans, and to Germany.

I am an activist and advocate for social justice, a world without war, and nonviolent action. I am also a genealogist, able to conduct research, cite sources, and analyze findings. I think these two roles fit together in important ways. Genealogy research can be a valuable tool to use when working for social change. Social and political issues can be a valuable lens through which to view our family histories, and our discoveries can, in turn, provide new perspectives on current issues.

I have over 50 years experience working with peace and human rights organizations in the United States and in Europe.

I have 15 years of experience and study in genealogical research. I have a certificate in Genealogical Studies (Advanced Level in German Records) from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. I have four years’ experience conducting genealogical research for clients and conducting workshops on genealogical topics.