Workshops and Consultations

Radical Roots workshops and consultations cover an introduction to genealogical research skills and a special focus on family history research as it is linked to social and political history. Each includes interactive exercises. The focus and structure of a session is designed, after discussion and planning, to meet the particular needs and interests of the participants.

Workshop Topics

  • Basic Introduction: Family History Research and Social Change
  • Uncovering Your Immigration Story
  • Family History and Slavery
  • The Women in Your Family Tree
  • War and Armed Conflict: Long Shadows Cast on the Family Tree
  • Your Family Tree of Religious and Spiritual Traditions
  • Economic and Social Class: How It Shaped Your Family History
  • The Role of Land, Food Production, and Energy in Your Family History
  • Finding Role Models Among Our Ancestors
  • Social Activism in the Family: Looking Backward and Forward
  • Family History and Heritage as a Source of Community Identity and Empowerment